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Furniture Safety Brackets

Furniture in the home can be hazardous to young children.  Sharp edges and corners, unstable furniture, and heavy items on top of furniture can all create unsafe environments for curious infants, toddlers, and young children.  It is estimated that 8,000-10,000 children are injured every year in furniture tip-over accidents.

There are many steps that you can take to help prevent injuries to children due to furniture:  

  Remove any glass-top coffee tables, end tables, etc.  Children have fallen into these types of tables and been severely injured.

  Pad sharp corners and edges with table edge cushions.

  Install drawer latches on all dresser and bureau drawers to prevent climbing.

  Install anti-tip furniture straps or brackets into studs in the wall to all dressers, armoires, bookcases/bureaus, entertainment centers, etc. to help prevent tipping.

  Remove heavy equipment from table tops to prevent equipment from toppling onto children.  Heavy equipment can also be strapped to table tops and entertainment centers with Safety Locking Straps.

  Remove toys, trinkets, etc. from table tops to prevent children from trying to climb to reach these items.

  Latch refrigerator doors and oven doors with child safety latches to prevent tipping.



Katie Elise Lambert was born one beautiful hot summer day, July 30th, 2001. She was an incredible gift from God with bright brown eyes and soft silky brown hair. From day one, her contagious smile and loving personality infected all those around her. Sadly and suddenly, on January 21, 2005, our precious angel Katie was taken from us when a large wardrobe cabinet fell on top of her. Her untimely and cruel death have left us incomplete. Katie has left behind two older brothers, two grieving parents and countless others whose lives have been changed forever.

The creation of the Katie Elise Lambert website has been established for two reasons:

to educate the public on the potential hazard of falling furniture;
to help ensure and protect the safety of all children both inside and outside the home.


The Katie Elise Lambert Foundation was established to protect children by increasing the awareness to parents of the hidden dangers that present themselves in everyone's home.  Too many injuries and deaths are caused each year from fallen furniture and inproperly secured major appliances.

In memory of Katie, the Foundation looks in the immediate future to accomplish parental awareness through information available on this web site and its attachments.

We are asking pediatricians as part of their well baby and well child annual visits to discuss with parents the dangers of unsecured furniture and appliances and review proper steps to be taken to remove this danger in their homes.

Have laws created which would make it mandatory that warning labels be applied to all assembled and ready to assemble(RTA) furnitures including major appliances.
Currently all such labels are voluntary.

"Ensuring the safety of all children through Katie's Love"

This is our mission statement.  Safety of all children also includes playgrounds,  daycares,  schools, and proper childproofing of all homes.

We will continue asking your help not only today but in the future whether with donations, suggestions or your thoughts and prayers.  If we can save one child today just imagine what we can accomplish in the future. 




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