10 Best 3D Pen 2018

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Would you like to help your kid develop creativity in a much more effective way? A 3D Pen may be that toy that will make your child incredibly creative – check out why!

A 3D pen works almost the same way as silicone gun yet it can be used for much more stuff than just sticking things together. With one of these, having fun and being creative at the same time is the rule, as they offer vast opportunities to use it as a normal pen, creating different drawings and being able to use it almost anywhere you want without problems. And of course, they are also safer than a silicone gun, much easier to use, and really helpful when it comes to developing art skills.

But not all of these devices provide an excellent quality or performance. This means that you will have to pick a good one if you really want a worthwhile experience with it. For that, you can check out our list of top 3D pens available on the market and find out which one fits your needs!

10 3D Pen Review 2018

Titanium Micro Intelligent 3D Pen

46 parent reviews (4 out of 5)

ABS & PLA Filament support
1 year warranty

Being able to write and draw in 3D is something that just a few products offer, and the Titanium Micro is one of them. But with this device, you will obtain a much easier performance, a higher effectiveness, and a smoother operation when using it. You will be able to create 3D or 2D drawings, or allow your kids do it and have fun for hours.

The device comes with plastic filaments which are heated to provide the drawing material. With a heating temperature switch, you can power it on and off easily, working really great with the temperature indicator that will tell you when it is ON or OFF. Any child will have endless fun with one of these, and it is totally safe and easy to use.

  • Really Safe
  • Small and Versatile
  • Easy to Use

  • A Little Uncomfortable

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TIPEYE Professional 3D Printing Pen

39 parent reviews (4.2 out of 5)

ABS & PLA Filament support
weight 1.83 oz
size 7.1 x 0.71 x 0.71 in

Being compatible with PLA and ABS filaments, the TIPEYE is a more versatile item for those who like to draw in different ways according to what’s in their minds. With a construction of aircraft-grade aluminum, the device provides the user with a much more durable product, being totally easy to manage, and much more reliable when using.

This one comes with its own set of 7.5 meters of filaments in various colors. And of course, it can be used by anyone, from adults to small kids without problems, while offering a highly accurate and easy-to-control temperature and speed system with an OLED display, where you can set both to meet your desires.

  • Can Be Used With PLA or ABS
  • Made of High-Quality Aluminum
  • Easy To Use and Comfortable

  • Temp and Speed Can Be Easily Changed By Mistake

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Soyan Professional ABS Pen



Incredibly easy to use, the Soyan Professional ABS Pen is an option that will give your kids the most versatile design alongside a pretty comfortable feeling. Anyone can use it without problems, drawing impressive stuff with many different ideas, thanks to a superior control on the pen where you can change temperature, speed, and eventually, load or unload the filaments to your liking.

The device features an OLED display so you can monitor the temperature on which the filaments are melting. This helps to provide a much more efficient performance when needed, and always being able to control it according to the desires of the user. And the device is so versatile it allows users to used wood, ABS, PLS, or even bronzed filaments easily, at 1.75mm thick.

  • Immensely Versatile
  • Great Performance
  • Superior Comfort When Using

  • Difficult to Change Filaments

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QPAU Intelligent 3D



With a sleek and improved ergonomic design, the QPAU Intelligent 3D Pen provides users with a high-quality construction entirely, being a lot more comfortable to use, easier, and overall much more effective. Anyone can use it too, working perfectly fine for educational or entertainment ends.

The pen uses PLA or ABS filaments at 1.75mm thick, so it is a lot easier to find its material when needed. It also allows users to change speed and flow when using, so the device works always meeting the needs of the user. The temperature is also adjustable from 130C to 210C in just a few seconds, working especially effective when used mid-work. And the large OLED display makes it totally easy to control temperature and other aspects when using.

  • Really Cool and Sleek Design
  • Totally Comfortable and Ergonomic
  • Safe and Easy to Control

  • A Little Difficult to Use

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MYNT3D Professional 3D Printing Pen

385 parent reviews (3.9 out of 5)

ABS & PLA Filament support

Offering professional results, the MYNT3D pen is a highly recommended choice for those who want a much more comfortable device, always working efficiently and providing the user with a more straightforward design to create even the most demanding drawings. It can be adjusted from 130C to 240C when using for an easier tuning, while also providing a bright OLED display to help users have more control over the device.

The device is made with an FDM technology, offering different ways of use, from prototyping and spatial learning to even sculpting in three-dimensional spaces – if you want a professional-grade item, this is one is your best choice. And of course, anyone can use it without any issue.

  • Professional Results
  • More Temperature Efficient
  • Totally Comfortable and Safe

  • A Little Noisy

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3Doodler Create 3D Pen

235 parent reviews (3.7 out of 5)

minimum 14+ year
ABS & PLA Filament support
weight 12.8 oz
size 6.3 x 0.7 x 0.7 in

Want a much more versatile product with a highly professional result when using? The 3Doodler Create 3D Pen is precisely that and much more, providing users with excellently comfortable use, always comfortable and compatible with all types of filaments available.

The device can be used with ABS, PLA, MATTE, GLOSSY, GLOW, and SPARKLE materials while providing the user with a sleek design that’s also incredibly comfortable – making it efficient to use. It is sturdy and light, effortless to control and capable of doing all types of 3D drawings possible. What’s more, it allows users to use a wide variety of accessories to make it even better.

  • Superior Performance
  • Incredibly Comfortable Construction
  • Much Easier and Straightforward To Use

  • A Little Expensive

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238 parent reviews (4 out of 5)

minimum 8+ year
ABS & PLA Filament support
weight 2.2 oz
size 7.2 x 1.1 x 1.6 in

With an exciting design for children, the PACKGOUT 3D Doodler is a fantastic choice for parents who want their children to improve their creativity more easily and safely. It provides a highly effective plastic heating system, working incredibly fine on any situation or surface, creating multi-layer and 3D artwork without problems.

The light design offer superior performance and a more comfortable use, while also being totally control-effective, so you can manage the temp and other details to meet your needs. Works perfectly fine with ABS or PLA 1.75mm filaments, and features a really convenient auto shut-down function so it won’t get broken by mistake.

  • Really Cool Looking
  • Entirely Comfortable and Easy to Use
  • Easier to Control

  • A Little Difficult to Change Filaments

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AIO Robotics Full-Metal Premium 3D Pen

178 parent reviews (4.5 out of 5)

PLA Filament support only
weight 13.6  oz
size 8.3 x 3.1 x 3.7 in
1 year warranty

The AIO Robotic Full-Metal Premium 3D Pen provides the user with a much more comfortable design, a highly effective performance, and an excellent easy-to-control construction – providing the user with many controls and an OLED display so you can manage the device more efficiently. The ergonomic pen is also more comfortable than most, light and able to provide results.

The pen uses PLA or ABS filaments without problems at 1.75mm. It can be easily used by anyone including small kids. And it is known for being one of the most used in schools and the like.

  • Highly Recommended for Learning
  • Much Easier to Control and Use
  • Comfortable and Versatile Design

  • A Little Messy At High Speed

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Zikke 3D Doodler Drawing Printing Pen

40 parent reviews (3.4 out of 5)

ABS & PLA Filament support
weight 12 oz
size 8.6 x 6.6 x 2.4 in

The perfect gift for any kid, the Zikke 3D Doodler can make your child get entertained for hours while offering a superior learning activity that improves creativity. Any kid can create all types of drawing on any surface with this 3-dimensional item, totally easy to use, with a light construction, an ergonomic built and a really smooth operation no matter how it is used.

It works perfectly fine with ABS or PLA filaments at 1.75mm while providing users with a perfect speed and temperature control function, plus the high-quality LED display to monitor as well. And thanks to the auto shutdown function, it won’t make any disaster when it is not being used, so it becomes safer and more convenient.

  • Safe, Efficient and Convenient Performance
  • Light and Comfortable to Use
  • Extremely Affordable

  • Feels a Little Cheap in Construction

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17 parent reviews (2.8 out of 5)

minimum 6+ year
ABS, PLA& PCL Filament support
weight 1.92 oz
size 7 x 0.94 x 0.95 in

Want to make the finest and most interesting 3D drawing or allow your kid to do it without any problem? The Ailing 3D doodling pen is what you’re looking for. There’s no doubt about how efficient and wonderfully comfortable the device, providing users with superior comfort when using, a much more versatile construction and an incredibly convenient design.

The item can be used with ABS, PCL or PLA filaments without problems while offering a patented nozzle that provides with a highly efficient result on any type of surface or kind of drawing. And of course, it provides an adjustable design, from speed to flow and even temperature; you can adjust the pen according to your needs.

  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Excellent Performance and Construction
  • Versatile, Comfortable, Convenient and Safe

  • A Little Hot Performance


It’s time to get the perfect device, but you don’t know too much about it. What do you do? Well, there’s no better help for you than taking a look at our following advice. Check out what you should consider when buying one of these:


A 3D pen needs to be comfortable and light, this way it can be easier to use and much more comfortable when it comes to making different types of drawings. Yet, other design aspects as where are the controls located, if it comes with a display and how many controls it comes with, can make the item vary in convenience and versatility. For a good pen, just make sure it is ergonomic, provides speed and temperature controls at least and comes with a display to monitor the performance. Additional design features may come really handy as well, but don’t choose a product with fewer features than these.


Most 3D pens are plastic-oriented, it means they used plastic-based filaments to draw, with the most common being ABS and PLA. Yet, there are other materials like PCL and combinations with gloss, gloomy and other type of mixtures, making the filaments entirely different in both performance and results. For a good-enough pen, just go for something that accepts both ABS and PLA, the rest of filaments are less common to find, and won’t be much more result-efficient to be worth it.

Additional Features

Many 3D pens might offer extra features like an auto-shutdown feature, making the device shut off when it is not used for a certain period. Also, you may encounter devices with more protection than usual, and others with really attractive designs to be more compelling to kids. All these features may not come really handy, yet if you choose correctly, you may improve your overall experience with the product, always considering your needs.

For a much better choice when buying, here are some additional tips you should consider:

  • Always go for devices that offer a lighter and smaller construction. The better it is to grab and control, the better the results and much more effective the performance.
  • You will find both plastic and metal pens out there, but remember that metal is often much heavier and plastic tends to be less heat resistant. Always go for something in between if you can find it.
  • You will find many different options for filaments out there. Make sure the filaments you choose are close to the ones the device comes with. And always avoid buying one of these if it doesn’t come with at least one filament to use.

Overall, there’s no better way to choose a good product than taking a look at the many different options and choices available on the market. So don’t waste your time, go take a look, follow our instructions and advice, make sure you have an excellent product to use or to give to your kids – you won’t believe how useful one of these can be.

The right 3D pen is waiting for you. Consider each critical feature and the different tips from us – you will make the right choice and give your kid a fantastic gift without any doubt.

If you want to help your child develop a better creativity, there’s no better way to do it than with a professional-quality pen like the ones we have here. Come and see for yourself!

9 Total Score
Creativity choices

Comfortable to use