10 Best Portable Basketball Hoop 2018

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Is your kid looking for a way to improve his basketball skills? That’s exactly what a portable basketball hoop offer, so you can have endless fun alongside your kid while helping him get better at playing…

Giving a gift to children may seem difficult most of the time, yet if you choose a toy that is liked by almost everyone, you won’t find any regret on doing it. This perfect gift can be a basketball hoop, as they are incredibly easy to use, offer tremendous fun, and can be used by more than one person at a time, improving their physical, social and sharing skills effectively. And more importantly, can help anyone to get better at playing basketball.

But these hoops are not always as good as they seem, especially on how portable or stable they are. This makes it incredibly hard to buy a good one when you go into the market, so we’ve decided to give you a well-made list of options to consider…

10 Portable Basketball Hoop Review 2018

Liberty Imports XL Big Basketball Hoop Set



One of the most comfortable hoops to use and transport, it can be easily hanged on any wall or door as it doesn’t need to be screwed in or installed. With a 27 x 18 inches backboard made of premium materials and a 15-inches breakaway rim making it good enough for most dorms or office uses. Include features steel hangers for easier installing everywhere you want, from indoor to outdoors without problems as it offers an exceptional durability as well.

It supports medium-sized basketballs, yet it can also be used by bigger ones as well. And what’s even better, this option features a PVC mini basketball and an additional air pump, making it an utterly convenient choice.

  • Highly Durable and Resistant
  • Great Size
  • Totally Easy to Use

  • Rim Is Not as Reliable as Expected

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Aosom Portable Basketball Hoop System



With a 29-inches backboard made of polyethylene, you can make sure this hoop will last a lot of time before it gets worn out. It measures 5.5-feet in height and can be adjusted up to 7-feet depending on the user’s size and age. The design features additional wheelies to move the device wherever you want and offers a 9-gallon base that can be filled with water or sand for superior stability.

It doesn’t need much effort to be installed either, with just a few minutes it can be the perfect basketball hoop. Everyone can use it without problems, and it offers a superior reliability and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • More Portable than Most
  • Really Stable and Convenient
  • Easy to Install

  • Pole Is Not as Reliable as Expected

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Dunnrite PoolSport 2-in-1 Swimming Hoop



If you are looking for superior versatility, there’s no better choice than the Dunnrite Pool Sports 2-in-1 hoop. You can use this device both as a stable basketball hoop in the pool or as volleyball net without problems, as it offers an exceedingly versatile design that can be transformed easily.

The hoop is made of polyethylene, as the rim is made of stainless steel for durability, being big enough to fit the biggest balls without issues. The base can be filled with water, weighing up to 155lbs for superior stability. And if you decide you don’t want to play basketball anymore, just transform it into a 22-foot volleyball net to be used anywhere you want.

  • Extremely Versatile Design
  • Incredibly Resistant and Durable
  • Stable and Easy-to-Use

  • A Little Troubling Volleyball Net Design

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Spalding 66291 Pro Slam



Highly resistant and wonderfully durable, the Spalding 66291 Pro Slam basketball system is a superior choice for those who look for really well-made products. You will obtain an acrylic backboard with a 54 x 32 inches size, efficiently working with a steel board pad. The rim is made of a heavy-duty solid steel Pro-Slam construction, featuring a highly resistant all-weather net.

The pole is totally easy to install with 3 different pieces to attach. It comes with a totally stable Hercules base, which can be filled with sand or water to increase its efficiency. Yet, what really makes it a good option is the EZ touch lift system so you can adjust it according to the users’ needs, from 7.5 to 10 inches.

  • Much More Durable, Stable, And Resistant Built
  • Perfect for Tall Kids and Adults
  • Totally Easy to Install and to Adjust

  • A Little Too Tall For Most Kids

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AbcoSport Mini Home or Office Hoop



Despite not being as durable and resistant as other options, this one can be the perfect portable hoop for kids. It is made with a highly efficient construction, with a compact design and an entirely versatile functionality. The backboard is 18 x 12 inches big, with a shatterproof polycarbonate built so it can last longer and can resist any kid’s use.

The solid steel rim is highly resistant as well, with an action breakaway function that can support dunks and slams from even the biggest kid. And of course, it offers superior versatility as it can be used anywhere from the office to home and even in outdoor situations without any problem.

  • Really Compact Design
  • Highly Recommended for Kid’s Use
  • Versatile and Convenient Design

  • A Little Too Small

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Stumptown Sportz Mini Basketball Hoop



Works with superior stability than any other mini hoop available out there, offering a superior reliability and a much more effective and durable use. It provides everything you could look for at a great price and features an excellent construction, with a padded hanger and a resistant backboard, plus a stainless steel rim with a breakaway system – you can use it the way you desire without any issues.

It can be hanged or installed both indoors and outdoors. And as a wonderful combo, this one features two additional basketballs with the perfect size to fit the 2 x 4 inches rim. Also, you will obtain a good pump and 3 needles so you can inflate the balls whenever you need to.

  • Really Convenient Choice
  • Highly Effective Construction
  • Incredible Price for the Quality

  • Not as Durable as Expected

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SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop – Glow In The Dark



The SKLZ pro hoop for basketball can be the perfect choice for kids who want to have one of these in their room. This perfect device can come in different designs, an extra-large one, a glowing-in-the-dark option, and an even smaller one with a micro ball. All of these are immensely fun to use and totally reliable at all times.

The 18 x 12 inches backboard on the glowing one, for example, is entirely shatterproof thanks to a polycarbonate construction, while also offering a protective foam padding for more resistance and safety when using. The 5-inches hoop rim enables users to use medium and small sized balls, with a breakaway system at 9-inches working perfectly fine with the steel built so even adults can practice dunks without breaking it.

  • Highly Resistant and Durable Built
  • Much More Convenient and Versatile
  • Comes in Different Designs

  • Not As Resistant for Outdoor Use

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Lifetime 1529 Courtside Hoop



With a bigger backboard with 50 x 30 inches long, it is much more reliable and durable than other options on the list. It provides users with a highly effective performance, as it can resist most people without problems and can be adjusted from 8 to 10 feet to fit the needs of average and tall kids.

It is specially made for kids who want to get really good at playing basketball, as well as for adults who want a really easy-to-use product with a straightforward assemble method. The base can be filled with water or sand, with a 27-gallon construction, enough to support up to 200lbs when loaded. And the Slam-It rim can resist slams and dunks too, so it is much more resistant and reliable than others.

  • Much More Resistant and Stable than Others
  • Really Tall and Easy to Adjust
  • Highly Recommended for Advanced Users

  • Not Recommended for Small Kids

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Silverback NXT Portable Hoop



Some people prefer hoops with a more professional finish and quality in almost every way, there’s where the Silverback NXT hoop enters into action. This incredibly fast to assembly hoop with a highly stable frame and a durable construction can be the perfect device for sure. It features a 54 x 33 inches backboard made of acrylic with an Infinity Edge wrap for more rigidity.

You can also enjoy a Stabili-Frame with a steel-on-steel construction, for tremendous performance even for heavier people and strong shoots. The Ergo Move function makes the device a lot easier to transport and to roll to different positions. Lastly, you will enjoy countless hours of fun with the Quick-Play design, making it a lot easier and faster to use wherever you want.

  • Professional Quality in Its Entirety
  • More Stable, Durable, and Resistant
  • Totally Easy to Transport and To Assemble

  • Really Expensive

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Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Hoop



Offering premium quality for a really affordable price, this 44-inches backboard made of polyethylene with a black solid steel rim provide a resistant and highly durable construction for anyone. The device can go from 7.5 to 10 feet without problems and can be used doing slams and dunks as it comes with a breakaway system that delivers superior reliability.

It is mostly designed to offer home use for kids, yet it can be used by anyone without problems, thanks to a 27-gallon stability-oriented base that can be filled with sand or water, as well as a highly resistant telescoping pole made of stainless steel that supports up to 200lbs easily. Additionally, it is designed to support even the harshest outdoor climates.

  • Wonderfully Resistant Construction
  • Convenient and Versatile Design
  • Much More Stable and Rigid than Most

  • A Little Too Tall


Everyone loves portable basketball hoops, especially when they can be used by anyone including kids and adults at the same time. But not all devices offer this versatility, that’s why you need to look carefully for the right one. To make it easier for you to pick the one that fits your needs efficiently, follow this guide:


A portable hoop should come with a highly resistant and durable backboard, with a pretty average size good enough to fit most people’s needs. Kids, for example, can enjoy a polyethylene or acrylic backboard without problems, with a size of about 40 x 20 or something similar. However, there are backboards for hanging hoops that can be a lot smaller, from dimensions around 16 x 8 and similar. It all comes down to what you’re looking for. If you want to use the device in outdoor environments and play with your kids, maybe a bigger option is better. And if you think that a smaller option for indoor use is better for you, then a hanging hoop is your best choice.


A hoop needs to be stable both in the rim as in the backboard so you can play more comfortably. For that, make sure the backboard is well-attached to the pole or wall where it is located, and that the rim comes with a breakaway system to support constant use with heavy balls or even slams and dunks for the bigger options. Another stability feature that is recommended to consider is the base, mostly used in outdoor hoops, it can mainly be filled with water or sand, incrementing the stability and strength of the product.

Ease of Assemble

Want to know what makes a portable hoop a great option? How easy it is to install or assemble when needed. That’s what all the portable feature offers, and that’s what you should look for when buying. The easier to assemble the product is, the more recommended it is. Make sure that if it is a large outdoor hoop, it can be assembled in less than one hour. And if it is for indoor use, it shouldn’t take more than just a few minutes. Hanging hoops are often the most recommended if you look for a more versatile and convenient design.

Other features are not as important as these ones. So when you are buying, just make sure you follow these ones, and you shouldn’t have any problem to pick the perfect one for your needs.

Choose carefully, follow great advice and always go for options that fit your needs better. This way you will obtain a high-quality product that will give your endless hours of fun – easily!

Buying portable basketball hoops can be a real problem. Unless you consider great advice and pick among the most recommended options, like the ones we have here…

8.5 Total Score
Fun and Exercise pick up

Ease to assemble