10 Best Remote Control Helicopter 2018

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Are you looking to give your kid a great toy for his upcoming birthday? Don’t let yourself get fooled by any other toy that’s not an RC helicopter…

These immensely entertaining toys offer a great way of getting entertained in outdoor environments or even indoors if the toy is not too big. They will just make your kid feel like they’re doing something totally different, helping them get creative and experience their world in a whole different way. But that only happens when the device is excellent, and that’s something that makes the buying a little harder.

When buying one of these you will encounter thousands of options, it is your need to get the right one. To help you do it, here, you have some of the most recommended out there…

10 Remote Control Helicopter Review 2018

Haktoys HAK303 Mini




With a 3.5 channel remote controller, you can use this wonderfully smooth helicopter anywhere without any problem. It flights for 6 to 8 minutes or even more with the proper charge. It can go as high as 50 feet without any problem.

The helicopter comes already assembled, so you just need to charge it for 30 minutes and start using it. It provides a detailed paint and a plastic body with elastic blades for a more resistant construction against crashes. The copter features handy LED lights and a built-in gyroscope for increased stability when flying.

  • Really Easy to Use
  • Reliable Controller
  • Efficient Battery

  • Not As Resistant as Expected

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Cheerwing Phantom with Gyro Red




Cheerwing creates some of the most quality-oriented RC products out there, and with this Phantom Helicopter, they’ve done an excellent job without a doubt. It works on a 3-channel infrared signal and can be used with up to 2 helicopters at the same time thanks to the 2-frequency controller.

The Gyro Red system makes the copter a lot more reliable when flying, as it comes with an internal precision control performance. And of course, the entire construction of the toy is really durable, thanks to its metal frame and hard plastic body. You won’t have any problem when flying it either, as it offers a straightforward controller totally easy to use.

  • Superior Reliability and Durability
  • Greatly Resistant Against Crashes
  • Easy to Use

  • Deficient Battery

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GPTOYS G610 Durant X-Copter


The Durant X-Copter from GPTOYS is larger than any other helicopter out there, with a really easy-to-use controller and a convenient design for better looks and a highly-resistant construction. Its built-in gyroscope makes it precise and stable so you can fly it without any problem.

It charges in 50 minutes and can be used for up to 8 minutes straight. It goes as far as 15 meters away from the controller and still gives a great performance. Mainly recommended for kids of age 8 and older ones. It is pretty good for kids who haven’t used one of these before.

  • Convenient and Easy-to-Use
  • Much More Stable and Precise
  • Gives an Efficient and Long-Lasting Performance

  • A Little Unreliable Construction

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REALACC H36 Quadcopter Drone




It is not the biggest option here, but still a great one to consider when buying one for your kids. This quadcopter Drone offers an excellent performance and perfect design to look good in the air, fly for longer and be totally easy to control. Provides a 6-axis headless mode for a more stable flying and can flight farther from the controller than others.

It looks exactly like a big drone but with a really smaller design, making it much more comfortable to transport and easier to store. The copter features a really cool shift that allows users to change between high and low speed, while also being incredibly reliable as well.

  • Efficient and Reliable Performance
  • Durable and Resistant
  • Totally Easy to Use

  • Really Small

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TOZO Q2020 RC Quadcopter Drone




With a sleek and modern innovative design, this Q2020 Drone from TOZO is a great choice anyone shouldn’t overlook. It is an excellent drone thanks to its entire construction, design, and reliability. It features 3D special effects and allows users to do flips and rolls in 360-degrees.

The Gyro-flight 6-axis provides a much more reliable control and precision, while also having an efficient battery that lasts up to 7 minutes in flight when using. You can control the altitude with it, and you will also be able to enjoy its fantastic LED lighting system that makes it really cool-looking.

  • Looks Innovative and Cool
  • Extremely Easy to Use and Do Tricks
  • Much More Precise and Long-Lasting when Flying

  • Can’t Fly Too Far

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Metakoo Quadcopter Drone Q323




Designed to offer superior entertainment, with this quadcopter Q323 with a built-in camera, you will be able to both have a great time flying it and take photos of everything under. Its powerful frequency allows the copter to fly up to 100 meters away from the controller and give a precise and easy-to-use performance.

It is made of high-quality materials for a superior reliability and long-lasting experience. And if you want a durable flying time, you can use it for up to 15 minutes straight without any problem. Easily, this one can be the right one for you or your kid, as it offers many great features.

  • Convenient Integrated 2.0 MP Camera
  • Superb Performance and Control
  • Durable and Resistant Built

  • More Expensive Than Most

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SZJJX APP-RC Invaders Drone 2




You won’t get any product as convenient as the Invaders Drone 2 from SZJJX, a powerful, durable, reliable and robust quadcopter that will make a great gift for any kid without any doubt. It features an integrated WiFi plus a handy 0.3 MP camera that can be connected to a smartphone for a real-life recording experience.

The 6-Axis Gyroscope makes it incredibly reliable when flying and totally easy to use. It can go as far as 100 meters away from the controller comfortably. So, if you want your kid to enjoy great technology while having incredible fun – this one is an excellent choice for sure.

  • Really Handy Integrated WiFi and Camera
  • Totally Durable Construction
  • Looks Really Cool

  • A Little Imprecise

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Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini Drone




Wonderfully looking and considerably precise, the Holy Stone Predator Mini Drone is an excellent choice for anyone. You won’t find a quadcopter as easy to use as this one, while also being totally good-looking and with a more precise gyro stability system.

It can fly up to 50 meters without any problem, and do it for 8 minutes or even more. The construction is made to provide more wind resistance when in the air, and to be much more reliable and resistant against crashes. It can take up to 80 minutes to charge, but the result is just remarkable.

  • Perfectly Looking Design
  • Superior Performance When Flying
  • Resistant and Durable Built

  • Can Be A Little Awkward to Control

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GordVE Mini Foldable RC Drone



Can last up to 10 minutes straight flying, offering a 100m distance control capability and the opportunity to record video and photos at a 720p quality with a comfortable and easy to use controller – the Mini Foldable GordVE quadcopter is an excellent choice for sure.

It is reliable, precise, stable and totally easy to control. Its foldable design makes it much more convenient for using and for storing. And thanks to the integrated WiFi and HD camera, you can see everything from under the device when flying, making it incredibly entertainment for anyone. Yet, it is mostly recommended for kids over 12 years.

  • Great Battery Efficiency
  • Highly Convenient 720p Camera
  • Superior Reliability and Control

  • Not Too Wind Resistant

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Syma S107G RC Helicopter




Looks and costs like a low-quality RC toy, but it actually delivers a premium performance in almost every way. The S107G from Syma is an excellent helicopter with remote control you can use for up to 10 minutes straight, go as far as 50m away from the controller and be totally easy to use thanks to its excellent gyro stabilizer.

The metal frame is really durable as well, working perfectly fine with its classical helicopter design for those who love this type of toy. And if you want to use two helicopters at once, there won’t be a problem, as the dual frequency control allows users to do that and much more.

  • Incredibly Precise & Stable Performance
  • Great Battery Duration
  • Highly Resistant Metal Frame Built

  • Difficult to Find Replacement Parts


You won’t believe how happy a kid can be with one of these RC helicopters. But of course, only when the toy is good enough to offer a great experience at all times. That’s why it is important to know which copters are good and which are not – so you can eventually make an excellent purchase for your kid. To help you make that buy more efficiently, consider the following features:


Depending on the type of battery of the helicopter, you will be able to tell how much it can last flying and how much it can take to charge. There are many types of batteries out there for these RC copters, but the most common are the NiCad and the LiPo batteries. They are nickel-cadmium and lithium polymer accordingly, and they offer exceptional performance and reliability, almost in the same way. However, NiCad batteries tend to last a little longer but also get to be a lot more demanding when charging, lasting up to 1 hour when doing it. When choosing one of these, make sure it can last at least 5 minutes in the air.


There’s no doubt a good RC copter needs to be easy to use, especially when it is for kids. The easier it is, the more capable the user is to learn how to use it efficiently and to get the most fun from it. But here enters an essential part of the controller, and it is the type of channel in the built of the product. Most copters offer a 2 or 3-channel construction, where you can only control the throttle and the jaw, for speed and for movement, and the elevator for altitude. However, there are some copters which offer up to 6 different channels to control, being a lot harder to use, yet much more efficient and reliable in the air. Always go for the one that fits your kid’s needs. If the child knows how to use these toys, go for more channels, if not, stay on two or three.


There are a diverse number of sizes out there, from mini and small to medium and huge ones. It is important to mention that the larger ones are often a little harder to control in the air, and much more uncomfortable when storing and carrying. The smaller ones, on the other hand, are entirely travel-efficient and will offer a much more accessible control in the air. But bigger options often come with additional features, like the quadcopters that feature a camera or the helicopters which can do tricks and so on.

Want additional advice to make sure you make the right purchase? Take a look:

  • Consider the type of built the gadget offers. There are some copters which come with a custom built so you can set them up before using, while others are entirely ready to fly in the package.
  • Most of these copters come with different pitches. This is the way the blades work, and they can be fixed or collective. The fixed ones can’t change angles while collective ones do for better precision and stability in the air.

Eager to start flying one of these with your kid? It is now time to make the right choice then, so take into consideration our recommendations and handy advice – you won’t find anything better out there for sure.

So take your choice, make the right decision, enjoy a superb experience with your kid right now with the perfect RC helicopter…

A reliable remote control helicopter can be difficult to find, but only when you don’t know what to look for. So come and see what you should consider and why…

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