10 Best Two Wheel Scooters 2018

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Have you ever thought of which is one of the most entertaining activities for kids? A two-wheel scooter may as well be that immensely fun and enjoyable object without a doubt…

A perfect product to use instead of a bike. Much safer, more accessible and eventually more entertaining as well, a scooter is can the ideal gift for a kid And sometimes the most recommended as well. But buying one of these doesn’t always give the same result. Especially when the product does not offer the quality you are expecting. To avoid this, there’s no better way than learning how to choose a good one…

Here we have everything you will need to know when buying, plus a great list of all the different options you should consider when purchasing. Don’t let your kid down; get him an excellent two-wheel scooter with our following guide…

10 Two Wheel Scooters Review 2018

Li Yu SZ Hudora 230


A bigger option for teens, adults or big kids, the Hudora 230 kick scooter is simply an immensely durable, easy-to-use and smooth scooter to consider. It will help any kid to go anywhere faster and more efficiently. While also being durable and resistant enough, with an aluminum deck and reinforced wings. Making it supportive enough for riders of 264lbs and even more.

It is comfortable as well, can be adjusted to different heights and the handlebar features a foldable system, for more comfortable and more comfortable carrying. The two-wheel design is really practical as well, working really well with the high-quality friction brake, perfect and easy for anyone.

  • Durable, Resistant and Good-Looking
  • Can Be Used By Anyone
  • Easy-to-Use, Safe and Comfortable

  • A Little Uncomfortable for Smaller Kids

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Envy Colt S2


When it comes to scooters, there are just a few brands as good as Colt, delivering high-quality scooters. With a professional finish, superior durability. A smoother feeling when riding and an incredible performance both for kids and medium-sized people. This one, made of durable and resistant aluminum plus two 110mm metal core wheels, will easily be the perfect gift for your kid.

It is mainly designed for kids with an intermediate level riding scooters, so they can not only enjoy a faster performance but a much more versatile construction. Allowing them to do jumps and other similar tricks. It can be adjusted for different heights as well so it can be used more comfortably.

  • Well-Made Entirely
  • Comfortable and Recommended for Smaller Kids
  • A Versatile And Durable Construction

  • Brake Doesn’t Last Much

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Lucky COVENANT Pro Stunt Scooter


Bigger kids and teens would love the Covenant scooter from Lucky. A highly efficient construction mainly designed to be resistant enough for tricks and such. It is made of superior quality aircraft-grade aluminum, making it incredibly durable and convenient for scooter athletes who like to use it more extremely.

The scooter comes with 110mm Toaster wheels for a smoother experience. Silo bars for a grip-oriented performance, a 120mm Indy fork, a SteelyBrake for more reliability, ViceGrips, a Tres Clamp, and everything else needed to make it a perfect scooter. Especially for those who want a superior performance in Freestyle.

  • Highly Recommended for Experienced Riders
  • Fits Medium-Sized and Big Kids
  • Superior Performance and Quality Construction

  • A Little Too Expensive

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Micro Kickboard Micro Flex Series



Even though the Micro Flex kick scooter from Micro Kickboard is not exactly made for kids. It can easily offer an excellent performance and experience if adjusted correctly. It is also foldable, making it really convenient for portability, and thanks to its two-way kickstand. You can park it everywhere without having to carry it with you.

The 200mm wheels are much smoother than others, with a high-rebound performance. Providing a quality ride free of annoying sounds or uncomfortable brakes. The T-bar is well-made entirely, with a rubberized grip for increased safety when using. Also, it weighs a lot less than other options, making it really convenient for carrying.

  • Reliable and Convenient Construction
  • Much Smoother Wheel Performance
  • Superbly Durable and Resistant

  • Not Recommended for Small Kids

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Booster Electric UScooter E-Twow



If you are looking for a premium and professional experience, the Booster Uscooter is precisely what you need. It is immensely more resistant and durable than the majority, much smoother. And you won’t have to make any effort kicking, as it comes with an electric motor for automatic kinetic experience.

It can go as faster as 18 mph in just a few seconds, supporting up to 290 lbs and being adjustable for medium-size kids out there or average sized adults. Features two brakes. A high-quality suspension, a headlight, a LED display, rubber tire and cruise control – the Booster UScotter is simply one of the most recommended out there, as it will merely offer a superior scooter experience.

  • High-Quality Electric Design
  • More comfortable to Use and Faster Performance
  • Really Convenient Additional Features

  • Incredibly Expensive

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Royal Guard II Freestyle Scooter



A scooter can be simple, normal-looking, without many features and just competent enough to be used by small kids without problems. That’s what the Royal Guard II stunt scooter offers. A superior quality with high-rebound wheels for a smoother experience, Royal bars for a more reliable performance and an excellent stainless steel construction for superior durability.

The bearings of the product are also perfect, with ABEC 5 design for a faster, precise and much smoother use. The offer a clean experience, and even being resistant enough to do some tricks with it as well, so children can start using it without fearing the scooter to break down that easily.

  • Really Simple but Good-Looking
  • Reliable and Effective Construction
  • Well-Sized for Kids

  • Not Foldable

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Ancheer Kick Scooter



Mainly designed to offer a better experience for taller children, teens or adults, the Ancheer kick scooter is still an excellent option to consider. It provides a superior folding system, for more comfortable storing or carrying when needed. The device comes with a high-quality suspension, so it can support up to 220lbs without problems and be used for freestyle or tricks as well.

The wheels are made of Polyurethane, with a 200mm size, offering a smooth riding experience. The 608 bearings make it really safe, working really great the friction brakes it comes with. And of course, it features high-quality T-type handlebars as well, adjustable to 3 different heights. It is made of aircraft-grade aluminum entirely.

  • Much More Resistant and Durable Construction
  • Sleek and Comfortable Design
  • Excellent Suspension System

  • Unreliable Wheels

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Fuzion Cityglide B200



Looks like it comes from another world, offers an incredible riding experience, and even comes with a really convenient front brake in the handlebar, the Fuzion Cityglide B200 is an amazing choice for those who want to make their kids happy with an unusual but still good-looking gift.

Made of lightweight aluminum and with 200mm polyurethane wheels, it will be effortless to use, comfortable, and even more thanks to its remarkable folding system. You won’t have a problem transporting or storing it, and will always be reliable and resistant as well, supporting up to 220lbs without problems. It also fits small and big kids effortlessly, thanks to its adjustable handle design.

  • Incredibly Good-Looking Sleek Design
  • Much More Reliable and Durable Construction
  • Fits Kids and Adults Without Problems

  • Not Recommended for Tricks

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VOKUL Hudora RX-205 LUX



Looks extraordinarily sporty and engaging, offers a high-quality smooth riding, supports up to 250lbs and only weighs 8lbs so you can transport it and store it with ease. The Vokul Hudora RX 205 scooter is a wonderful choice for those who want to impress their kids, as it looks like an incredible scooter, while offering an astonishing performance.

The entire construction is made to be resistant and durable thanks to its aircraft-grade aluminum frame, while also being really comfortable with a well-made kickstand, an adjustable handlebar, and larger wheels. The folding system is totally easy to use as well, working especially efficiently with the light built.

  • Light, Comfortable, and Convenient Built
  • Looks Really Good and Engaging
  • Really Smooth Performance

  • A Little Uncomfortable Brakes

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Razor A2 Kick Scooter



Want a scooter that’s much easier to use, store, and that fits even smaller kids without problems? The Razor A2 is the one you should go for if that’s the case, while also being able to spend a lot less than with any other option out there. Thanks to its patented design and aircraft-grade aluminum construction, kids of up to 150lbs will be able to use it effectively.

The T-grip handlebar is adjustable as well, working really great for smaller sizes, alongside the 98mm inline wheels for a much easier performance. The entire build of the product is light too so it won’t be a problem to store or to fold when needed. And of course, it will last longer for a much lower price.

  • Mainly Recommended for Smaller Kids
  • Convenient Adjustable Sizing
  • Really Light Construction

  • Not as Durable as Others


A good scooter can improve a kid’s physical development, work as a motor skill-enhancing activity, be an excellent outdoor activity item, and eventually be a lot of fun for hours effortlessly. Yet, only the right scooter can offer that, that’s why it is incredibly important to know what a good scooter is and how to spot it. Here’s everything you need to know and more…


First off, you need to make sure the scooter you are going to buy fits your kid’s measurements in size and weight. It needs to be big enough to fit a child comfortably, and still be big enough not to get stored after a few months because the kid is growing too fast. For that, make sure the product is adjustable, and that it can be used by children of your kid’s age and older. You won’t like buying a scooter that is too small, it is always better to go for medium or big options.


Most scooters are made of steel or aluminum. Steel usually is hugely useful, offering durability and resistance, but it is never as good as aluminum, as it often provides the user with a lighter and much easier to handle built. Aircraft-grade aluminum, for example, is actually the highest-quality material you can choose for a scooter, as it offers an incredible resistance, being able to support more than 200lbs in most options, and still really light to be stored easily and handled by kids without problems.


There are two main types of wheels available to choose, the plastic polyurethane wheels, and the rubber ones. It is true that PU wheels usually are more long-lasting and reliable, but rubber tends to offer a superior grip and resistance to tricks and such. It all comes down to what it is you’re looking for. If you know your kid may be already good enough with a scooter to perform tricks and such, go for rubber wheels. Otherwise, PU wheels will always be better.


A good scooter needs to be foldable to provide the user with a much easier-to-carry experience, a better-storing capacity, and an incredible performance and reliability when you are transporting the device. Yet, there are some scooters which don’t offer this feature, and it doesn’t mean they’re wrong, they just don’t provide that convenience as folding scooters do. But they usually are much more sturdy and comfortable to use when riding, making the experience a little smoother as well. Just choose according to what you think it’s better for your kid.

In the end, it all comes down to putting your child’s needs into perspective and making sure the scooter fits all of them properly. Eventually, you will be able to see your kid enjoying a fantastic scooter without problems, but just making sure you pick the perfect one…

So don’t waste more of your time, consider our advice, take a look at our recommendations and choose a high-quality scooter NOW! Get your kid a surprise gift for endless hours of fun…

A scooter is always a great option to give your children, especially when it is one of the following and most recommended scooters we have here. Come and see why…

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