10 Best Magic The Gathering Cards 2022

10 Best Magic The Gathering Cards 2022
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Are you an enthusiast player of the game or a fanatic collector? Find the most incredible cards for the game here, cards you won’t find anywhere else…

If you love playing this type of card game, there’s always a question you make yourself “which is the most powerful and useful card on the game?” And that always becomes a recurring question, especially if you are a beginner. This can make it harder to make your deck before playing, and sometimes even trouble your gaming experience when you see someone who has a much better card or deck than yours. But rather learning a little more about these cards always gives the necessary help to pick the right one for your deck.

Furthermore, we’ve made a list with some of the most recommended cards you can have your deck, so you can pick the one that interests you the most and make your deck with it…

10 Magic The Gathering Cards Review 2022


Utvara Hellkite – Return to Ravnica

The Ulvara Hellkite card from Return to Ravnica is a creature of the class dragon card that costs 6 mana to cast, yet it features a 6/6 capacity so you can use it making sure it will be useful. However, what really makes it really interesting is its additional ability that allows users to put a creature token with 6/6 on the battlefield each time a dragon attacks.

The card is well-made entirely and was designed by Mark Zug. It is red, and it is one of the rarest cards as it belongs to the Mythic Rare list. If you are someone who fancies dragons, this card may eventually become a recurring one in your set.

  • Efficient Additional Ability
  • Well-Designed
  • Good Capacity
  • Not as Powerful as Others

Resolute Archangel – Magic 2015

With a cost of 5 mana, the Resolute Angel from the Magic 2015 set will help anyone to become a much more skilled player in the battlefield, despite being only 4/4 when it comes to power and defense, it can offer a pretty useful additional ability. It will restore all the life total once it enters the battlefield, making it an incredible addition to anyone’s deck.

It is white, well-made and exciting in its design made by Anthony Pallumbo. This flying creature can be an incredible card to have on your deck, and not because it is powerful but because it comes with a highly useful ability no other card can offer.

  • Extremely Useful Ability
  • Good-Looking
  • Excellent Price
  • Not Powerful

Bruna, the Fading Light // Brisela, Voice of Nightmares – Eldritch Moon

  • 56 parent reviews (4.2 out of 5)
  • minimum 16+ year old
  • card type  Legendary Creature – Angel Horror // Legendary Creature – Eldrazi Angel
  • power / toughness  5/7 // 9/10 p
  • cost  5WW

A Rare card from the Eldritch Moon set, the Bruna, Fading Light and its transformation Brisela, Voice of Nightmares. Both are great, yet Brisela can only be cast when Bruna is united with Gisela, the Broken Blade – creating Brisela, one of the most powerful cards on the game.

It is pretty rare and powerful, yet it only cost 5 mana and in white color, offers 5/7 in its primary form and 9/10 when it is transformed. It was designed by Clint Clearly and looks beautiful entirely. However, Bruna comes with an additional ability that allows the user to return an Angel or Human from the graveyard, so it becomes even more useful. Brisela also has its capacity, and it is to stop the opponent to cast spells.

  • Incredible Abilities
  • Excellent Design
  • Powerful and Rare
  • Needs an Additional Card to Transform

Progenitus – From the Vault: Legends

Progenitus is a 10/10 card, and it is described as a Mythic Rarity. With a 10 mana cost it will be cast to become one of the most powerful on any battlefield without a doubt, and offers a particular ability that no other card can offer; it will come back to the owner’s library as soon as it touches the graveyard. And it also protects the caster from everything.

The card belongs to the From the Vault: Legends sets, and with its multi-color design made by Nikola Pizcek, you will obtain a highly recommended card to have on your deck, no matter what type of player you are. Simply, Progenitus will add much more power and versatility to your deck.

  • Awesomely Powerful
  • Convenient Ability
  • Versatile Multi-Color Feature
  • Costs More Mana Than Others

Desolation Twin – Battle for Zendikar

A colorless card is always a great addition to any deck, and the Desolation Twin from the Battle of Zendikar set is precisely the type of card that offers excellent versatility and incredible power at the same time. Designed by Jack Wang, this Rare card is not only mighty, but it also provides an exceptional ability that will make any deck feel unbeatable.

When this card is cast, it automatically sets another colorless Eldrazi creature on the battlefield with a 10/10 power as well, so you get a 20/20 play with only one card as long as you have another Eldrazi on your library.

  • Unbeatable Additional Ability
  • Looks Beautiful
  • Extremely Versatile Colorless Feature
  • Demands an Additional Card to be Cast Efficiently

Bearer of the Heavens – Journey into Nyx

A Giant creature from the Journey Into Nyx set, the Bearer of Heavens is powerful, efficient and with an ability that will destroy any permanent at the end of the next step. It is classified as a Rare card, and only a few players know how to use it efficiently, both for its outstanding power as for its advantageous ability.

It was designed by Ryan Alexander Lee with the Red color, so it becomes pretty useful for players who love to play on such type of deck. And of course, with its 10/10 range, only a few other cards can be a challenge on the battlefield, becoming an excellent addition to any library as it only costs 7 mana.

  • Awesomely Powerful
  • Unrivalled Ability
  • Only Costs 7 Mana
  • Expensive

Void Winnower – Battle for Zendikar

Only a few Battle for Zendikar set cards are as good as the Void Winnower, and this one, as a Mythic Rare rarity, is simply awesome. With a cost of only 9 mana, this Eldrazi offers an 11/9 power range in a Colorless design that will become extremely useful in any situation, so it is both versatile and efficient.

This card also comes with a great ability, where the opponent can’t cast any spell or cast other creatures that have a 0 mana cost. Also, it looks pretty well, designed by Chase Stone, it is one of the rarest cards in the game.

  • Powerful and Colorless
  • Outstanding Ability
  • Rarest Than Most
  • Ability not as Useful as Expected

Worldspine Wurm – Return to Ravnica

A Wurm from the Return to Ravnica set, named as the Worldspine Wurm this 15/15 card is actually one of the most powerful is not the toughest available for any player out there. It means an almost instant win as soon as it is cast, not only because it is powerful but because its additional ability that casts 3 5/5 other Wurms when it dies makes it incredibly versatile. And when it goes into the graveyard it immediately comes back to the library again.

It looks pretty well and comes in the Green color with the costs 10 mana yet it delivers one of the handiest uses any card can offer. It was designed by Richard Wright and can be the perfect card for any deck, easily.

  • Additional Abilities are Unrivalled
  • Looks Incredible
  • Unbeatable Power
  • Really Expensive Card

Door to Nothingness – Magic 2013

An Artifact card that works like a spell, it has no power or defense, yet it immediately wins the game when it is cast. The Door to Nothingness is one of the rarest cards, classified as a Rare. It looks fantastic, delivers an incredible ability and it is effortless to cast.

The card only costs 5 mana yet you must have to pay 2 mana in addition if you want to cast it efficiently. It was designed by Svetlin Velinov, and it will easily become an instant win when played effectively. This is a card everyone must have on the deck, for sure.

  • Unstoppable Ability
  • Only Costs 5 Mana
  • Delivers an Instant Win when Used
  • Harder to Cast Efficiently

Colossus of Akros – Theros

The Colossus of Akros is the most powerful card that only costs 8 mana, it is classified as a Rare card and comes directly from the Theros set. In addition, it is also known as an Artifact Golem, so it both a spell and a creature, also coming with a 10/10 range it will become practically indestructible as long as it is used efficiently with additional spells.

Furthermore, its ability means that as long as it is monstrous, yet it can attack as if it didn’t have a defender and with trample. This means almost instant wins as soon as it touches the battlefield. Any player would love to have this card, both for how powerful it is, for its remarkable ability and for how mana-efficient it is. Especially relevant, it was designed by Zack Stella and looks beautiful.

  • Beautiful and Powerful At the Same Time
  • Totally Easy to Cast
  • Much More Mana-Efficient Than Any Other
  • A Little Hard to set to Monstrous

Creating a practical Magic the Gathering deck means having all the most potent and useful cards on your library, and for doing that you must know what a good card is and how you can use it efficiently. Therefore here we will help you learn all that if you don’t have enough knowledge still, so take a look and find out more:


Consequently, the power is the measurement that always comes on the right side of the “10/10” for example. This power tells you how much damage it can deliver to the opponent, and the more it has, the more powerful the card is.


This is the other side of the “10/10” measurement, and it tells you how much defense and how much power it can resist. The more defense a card has, the more useful it can be to resists powerful cards.


All cards come in different colors, from Red to Green, Blue, Black and even White. Yet, some cards come with a Multi-Color or Colorless design, and it means they can be used practically at any time and with any type of deck without problems. Yet, colorful cards are often much more useful and come with additional abilities that deliver excellent performances. Also, there are other which are deviations like the Color Blood, Sixth Colors, and Un-Colors.


A card set doesn’t really add or subtract any ability or usefulness, yet it can tell you where the artifact, creature or spell comes from. You can find cards from the Theros set, cards from the Return to Ravnica set, other from the Magic 2013 set and others from the Magic 2015 set and much more.


There are two types of superior rarity the highest-quality cards offer Rare and Mythic Rare. Furthermore, both are the rarest of the game, yet those with Mythic Rare rarity are often much harder to find and usually provide incredible abilities and power range. If you want an extremely rare card, go for these two. You will also find Common and Uncommon cards that are not as rare as the other two.

As you see, choosing one of these cards may not be a problem if you are already a little aware of what you should look for. If rather not, we therefore totally recommend to take our advice into consideration and make sure you can pick the right card for your deck, so it becomes more potent than any other.

It is time you start winning all your Magic the Gathering battles with the perfect deck you can build with the ideal cards. Hence, use our recommendations, and we assure a much better experience while playing.

Want to have fun and fight with the most reliable deck out there? Come and see the most powerful and useful Magic the Gathering Cards available now!

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