How to choose the right bowling ball?

Bowling, the new trendy game which combine the competition and exercise together. To make a better bowling score, not only the experience and practice, but also the bowling ball itself become the main factor. Here, the simple tips on how to pick the right bowling ball


Firstly, consider the weight of the ball. There is a variety weight of the ball rang from 6 pounds (2.7 kg) to 16 pounds (7.3 kg). You should try and pick the one which is comfortable to you. Ball weight range recommend to be a 10% of your weight, this is depending on your physical condition.

Standard weight per gender per age

Group Ball
Men 14 – 16 pound bowling balls
Women 10 – 14 pound bowling balls
Children One pound for each year of age
Note: Gender and physical condition to be considered into account for child

Size of the finger holes

Secondary, the size of the finger holes. Consider to use with the holes for thumb, middle finger and ring finger. Choose the ball with the holes size match with your finger. You should feel not too tight, smooth and holdable on the ball once try.

How to choose the right bowling ball ?


Thirdly, the material composition of the ball. Speed, power, grip and reaction are all different based on the material of the ball. As below summation.

Polyester and plastic ballFor beginnerA straight ball
Urethane balls (Performance: Low)For the experienced bowling player who want to make the game betterA smoother arching reaction ball, good to hook the ball with slow speed
Resin, Reactive, and Particle balls (Performance: Medium-High)For the professional bowlers for staight. Together with a plastic ball for the spares shootFor the sharper hook, more carrying power and grip