10 Best Mini Drone 2024

10 Best Mini Drone 2024
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Thinking of giving your kid a drone? Then choose something a lot safer and easy to use – a mini drone can be a perfect choice…

Using a drone can be a fantastic experience for your kid; learning to manage a control remote device that flies is entertaining, healthy, and pretty much what every kid wants now and then, especially if he likes machines. But it all comes down to choosing the right drone, as not all of them offer the same types of features, and not all of them are really worth your money.

Here we are going to show you a few of the top bunch so you can make sure you pick the right one. Read up and find the perfect one for your kid!

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GoolRC T36 Mini Quadcopter

Not only it is incredibly small, it is also pretty cheap. The GoolRC t36 is an amazing option for those kids who like modest designs and excellent performances. It won’t be a problem to use it either, and becomes a best-friend if you know how to play with it correctly. What’s more, it does tricks, such as a 360 degree flip for even more entertainment.

The drone is pretty stable to use so it doesn’t become dangerous or hard. And the headless mode makes it a lot more effective when handling, so it does exactly what you want it to do without problems. At the moment of return, you just have to push a single button for automatic back-to-control landing.

  • Excellent Mini Design
  • Pretty Stable and Easy to Use
  • Comes Back to RC Automatically
  • Negative

SYMA NANO X20 Quadcopter

The SYMA Nano X20 is maybe the smallest of the list, with a pocket-size design that is not only small but extremely stable and durable as well. With this drone you will be able to do tricks and much more, from flips to 3D rotations, 360-degree eversions, trimming and rolls. Easily, it is one of the most entertaining as well.

The mini-drone is perfect for any kid who’s learning how to control these drones. It is totally easy to use and is powerful despite its small size thanks to its 4-motor design. What’s more, it comes with a stable flight mode, that comes with a 2.4Ghz tech and a 6-axis stabilization for easier handling.

  • One of the Smallest
  • Amazing Stability
  • Totally Easy to Use
  • Can Get Lost Easily

DROCON Scouter Foldable RC Drone

  • 5,588 parent reviews (4.0 out of 5)
  • age: 14+ month – 14 year
  • size: 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.2 in
  • weight: 0.88 oz
  • charging time: 40 min
  • flight time: 5 – 7 mins
  • control range: 30 – 50 meters

The Drocon Mini RC Drone is specially designed for kids thanks to its amazingly stable performance and overall ease of use. When it is on and flying, it won’t be a problem to control in any way, making it one of the aptest for kids and beginners in the drone market. It comes with everything needed to learn to handle one of these proficiently, from the altitude setting to the headless mode, the lock and unlock buttons, and even a backward and forward stick.

The drone also does a spinning trick for entertainment, and when it comes to storing it, you can just fold it down and it’s done. It comes with three modes and even offers LED lights for easier use at dark places.

  • Perfect for Beginners and Young Kids
  • Excellent Features and Controls
  • Outstanding Stability and Ease of Use
  • Not Too Resistant


The Quadcopter Mini Ufo from Eachine is a perfectly well-made device that every kid would love, not only because it is pretty small, but because it offers a wide array of features including a compass mode, a roll-over mode, and even the key-return mode for easier landing. And what’s even better, it is totally easy to start using and handle by anyone.

The most interesting fact about this option is that it doesn’t look too big or over-equipped, it is actually one of the modest and simplest designs for those kids who don’t demand much but just a simple toy to control in the air.v

  • Pretty Modest Design
  • Totally Stable and Easy to Use
  • Very Interesting Modesve
  • Simple Design and Controls

Cheerwing Syma X20

  • 786 parent reviews (4.2 out of 5)
  • age: 12+ year
  • size: 4.13 x 4.13 x 0.98 in
  • weight: 6.4 oz
  • charging time: 50 mins
  • flight time: 5 mins
  • control range: 50 meters
  • Available in Stock

Marketed as a pocket drone, the Syma X20 is one of the smallest on the list, with an outstanding design that doesn’t only deliver a spectacular small size but also provides a beautiful model that every kid will love. It comes with multiple features as well, including a wildly stable mode for kids to enjoy without having to worry about crashes.

The device is also entirely easy to use, with some of the simplest controls in the market. And of course, it also does tricks and offers the perfect control for even the youngest of kids can learn how to use it in a few hours. It also features some Led lights for easier use in dark environments.

  • Pretty Easy to Use and Convenient
  • Outstanding Design and Looks
  • Straightforward Features and Controls
  • Short Battery Life

Holy Stone Predator

If you want a drone for your kid that does it almost all and has almost every important feature one of these mini drones can have, the go for the Holy Stone Predator. This amazing choice will allow your kid to fly for up to 60 minutes straight, have an amazing entertaining experience thanks to its wide array of features and tricks, and even enjoy from its stable and easy-to-use controls.

The device comes with a headless security mode for easier use and much more stable performance when needed. It is totally responsive, totally easy to handle and charges in just 8 minutes so your kid can enjoy it shortly after it drains out the first charge.

  • Looks Really Good
  • Convenient and Pretty Easy to Use
  • Outstanding Performance and Stability
  • A Little Expensive

Loolinn Anti-Collision Quadcopter

One of the most responsive controls and one of the most interesting-looking designs for mini drones, the Loolinn Anti-Collision Drone for kids is amazing in almost every way. It costs half of what others cost, is easy to use, offers excellent features, and it’s also pretty stable for easier use even for small children and beginners.

The device even does some tricks to make it even more desired. And what’s even better, it comes automatically to where the control is with just one button – making it one of the most convenient in the market without a doubt.

  • Interesting Design
  • Excellent Controls and Features
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Unreliable Battery

TOZO Q4040 Quadcopter

  • 21 parent reviews (3.2 out of 5)
  • age: 14+ years
  • size: 0.4 x 0.4 x 0.4 in
  • weight: 3.52 oz
  • charging time: 60 mins
  • flight time: 8 – 10 mins
  • control range: 30 – 45 meters

A foldable option is never a bad option, that’s what the Q4040 from TOZO offers and more, a foldable drone that is also very good-looking and outstanding when it comes to ease of use, controls, and stability for kids. It is perfect for beginners as it offers a 4-channel 2.4Ghz potency while being able to do some tricks such as 360 flips and rolls, and even a 3D trick for special effects.

The device can go away for up to 45 meters without a problem and last up to 60 minutes, making it one of the most efficient and long-lasting on the list. And of course, it charges really fast and is totally safe to use as well.

  • Small and Totally Efficient
  • Foldable and Good-Looking
  • Easy to Use and Convenient
  • Controls Are not as Easy as Expected

ATTOP Mini Foldable FPV Wifi Quadcopter

The most amazing thing about the ATTOP Mini FPV WiFi Copter is that it comes with a built-in 720p camera. Yes, you can record whatever the mini RC sees from the air, making it one of the most convenient and useful on the list, while also coming with a pretty exciting and good-looking design as well.

The drone is easy to use, is pretty stable and comes with a WiFi connection. This means that you can record or watch whatever the drone sees in the air with your phone live. And what’s even more interesting, it is pretty small as well, so it offers everything any kid would love on a modest sized design.

  • Excellent WiFi and Camera Features
  • Amazing Performance and Ease of Use
  • The Most Convenient Model
  • Battery Doesn’t Last Much

Holy Stone Mini Drone

  • 14,308 parent reviews (4.3 out of 5)
  • age: 8+ years
  • size: 3.15 x 3.15 x 1.18 in
  • weight: 1.76 oz
  • charging time: 40 – 60 mins
  • flight time: 7 mins per battery / 21 mins in total
  • control range: 50 meters

If you want a cheap, efficient, easy to use and stable drone that fits in a kid hand easily, you should go for the Holy Stone Mini Drone. It offers everything to become the perfect device without a problem, from the security system for easier use and stability to the amazing wide array of features and controls for beginners to learn faster and efficiently.

The device even does some tricks as well, and provides one of the easiest controls for speed, altitude and movement any kid will manage in a few hours. And of course, it can go pretty far and last longer than most – so it is an outstanding option without a doubt.

  • Extending playing time
  • Fantastic Performance and Ease of Use
  • The Most Convenient Model
  • Indoors recommend

One of the worst things you can do before picking a mini drone is not learning exactly what you should choose. When you don’t have an idea of what makes a good drone, there is a high chance you will buy something that doesn’t work for your child or that simply doesn’t offer the quality you were expecting.  To avoid that, make sure you follow the next advice:


All drones come with additional features apart from flying. These features can be LED lights for more visibility in dark environments, stability modes for your kid to avoid accidents while flying, automatic landing, even cameras, and WiFi, plus much more. These features increase the usability and convenience of the product, making it much more engaging, entertaining, and sometimes even safer to use. Choose something that fits your kid’s needs.


Mini drones need to be small, or mini as the adjective says. However, this doesn’t mean some there aren’t “mini” drones are actually too big to be comfortable to use. If you want to avoid choosing a product that is too big for being a mini-drone, just go for one that fits inside your hand perfectly. Some devices, however, are too small, so mini they have a hard time balancing and gaining stability while flying. These, often, are pretty fun as well but are harder to use in open environments, especially when there’s even just a mild wind.


The most common design for mini-drones is the quadcopter. This happens because quadcopters are actually more stable and easier to manage than other types of drones. But the number of rotors or wings is not the most important when it comes to designs. The most important part to consider here is the way the devices look. Make sure you choose something that looks innovative but still exciting enough for your kid to like. Just remember that what you like may not be what you child prefer, so consider making a choice accordingly.

Take your pick, make sure it fits your child’s needs and that offers a design he will like. The more time you spend thinking, the better the choice you will make. Just remember that it all comes to what your kid will prefer and what he will be able to enjoy the most. That’s what you need to take into account.

Just choose the mini drone you feel will make a wonderful gift to your kid – and you’ll surely make a great decision. It all comes down to learning what makes a good mini drone and here we have everything you need to know!

Is your kid asking for a drone but he doesn’t know how to use one? Then give him a beginner’s mini drone like the ones we have here. The most efficient and healthy drone model available!

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