10 Best Folding Bike 2024

10 Best Folding Bike 2024
8.5 Total Score

Need a bike that is easy to transport and even easier to pack up when traveling? Then go for a folding bicycle – a bike that will allow you to enjoy good biking wherever you are…

Folding bicycles are like normal bicycles when it comes to functioning. They are as fast, as reliable, as easy to use, and as durable – yet they offer a major advantage normal bicycles do not offer: portability. With one of these bicycles, you can travel or go on a trip without having to use so much space, and save yourself the effort of having to carry the bike one place to another without any discomfort. Yet, you must always choose the right bike if you want to receive these benefits and more – so you must learn what to look for.

As there are thousands of choices in the market – we have created a list of some of the most interesting options you can pick. Come and see what we have for you!

Furthermore, we have a trick and tips on how to take care for the folding bike available. Click here

10 Folding Bike Review 2024


Jetson Bolt E-bike

Even though it is rare to use an electric bike, there’s nothing as efficient and comfortable, especially when you go to places where potency is essential. With an electric bike, you do less exercise than with a traditional one, yet you can the most out of it without problems. That’s what the Jetson Bolt E-bike offers – excellent reliability and outstanding performance at all times.

It can go up to 15 MPH without problems and lasts up to 15 miles on a single charge. What’s more, if the charge is lost, you can pedal as well as with a normal bike. The 250w brushless motor makes it capable of working even on sandy places like the beach. And of course, it folds effectively, for superb portability and increased convenience.

  • Excellent Electric Performance
  • Powerful, Comfortable and Reliable
  • Fast, Durable and Easy to Fold
  • Incredibly Expensive

ZiZZO Ferro

For those who don’t need an electric bike, there are hundreds of traditional options such as the ZiZZO Ferro, a lightweight Shimano bike with 7-speed and a 20-inches folding capacity. It will easily fit any bag without problems, and can be carried anywhere you want thanks to its lightweight aluminum frame.

The bike folds in just a few seconds weighs 29 lbs and comes with everything needed for a completely reliable experience. It comes with an ergonomic saddle, the handlebars are comfortable, and the rest of the accessories are extremely easy to use and mount.

  • Pretty Convenient Design
  • Excellent Reliability
  • Outstanding Aluminum Construction
  • Not as Comfortable as Expected

Xspec Diamond 21-Speed Folding Bike

The 21-speed bike from Xspec Diamond, offers the chance to use it even in the hardest of situations and trickiest of trails. It is mainly designed to be used in mountains and rocky landscapes, as it is supportive, comes with an excellent construction, and offers a wide array of speeds according to the needs of the user.

The entire bike is made of steel, for superb performance and an incredibly lightweight construction for better carrying. The brake system is highly efficient as well as the foldable system. The suspension system is also highly effective and absorbs practically everything. And of course, the bike is durable and can support up to 220lbs without problems.

  • Resistant and Supportive
  • Excellent for Tricky Trails
  • Amazing 21-Speed and Brake Systems
  • A Little Hard to Install

Dahon VYBE D7

  • 45 parent reviews (4.0 out of 5)
  • Max weight: 230 lbs, 4’9” to 6’2” tall
  • Size: 31.5”(L) x 13.6” (D) x 26.18” (H) (fold)
  • Item weight: 25.7 pounds
  • Contain: 20″ wheel, 7-speed Shimano Gears

Anyone who desires undisputable reliability should go for Dahon products, especially if it comes to folding bikes such as the VYBE D7. This excellent option provides not only a superior construction made of stainless steel and aluminum; it also looks amazing and offers one of the lightest builds as well.

The bike is mostly designed to be used in urban scenarios more than trials and tricky places. Still, it is highly efficient and pretty reliable, as it comes with a magnetic latching system that improves its construction making it outstandingly stronger while being one of the lightest at just 24 lbs.

  • Looks Excellent
  • Light but Extremely Strong
  • Incredibly Reliable
  • Not Too Comfortable

EuroMini Zizzo Campo

One of the most lightweight folding bikes, EuroMini Zizzo Campo. Capable to adjusts to suit for the person higher than 6 feet. Easily to fold and unfold which is great for the public transportation.

The bike is easy to assemble on the initial setup, with the incredible price.

  • Outstanding Compact Design
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Much More Reliable than Most
  • The unfold pedals


  • 186 parent reviews (4.1 out of 5)
  • Max weight: 120 kg, 5’2″+ tall, 13 year old+
  • Size: 50.39 x 8.66 x 41.34 in (fold)
  • Item weight: 27.67 kg
  • Contain: 14″ wheel, 6-speed Shimano gear
  • Li-ion battery
  • Speed: full charge 3 – 4 hours, 25 miles

Interested in electric bikes? Then the GYROCOPTERS Frost E-Bike may be the perfect choice when it comes to foldable options. It is extremely easy to use and fold when needed, provides an excellently comfortable design and can be used by practically anyone.

The bike can go up to 25 MPH without problems thanks to its 350w motor. It comes with different operational options and can be used without electricity when the charge drains out. And of course, it lasts longer thanks to its 31 miles capacity. It weighs only 61lbs and is made of alloy steel entirely.

  • Very Convenient and Versatile
  • Completely Easy to Fold
  • Offers Outstanding Comfort
  • Heavier than Most

Vilano Urbana Single-Speed

The Vilano Urbana is easily the lightest bike you will find at an affordable price and an incredible strength. It is amazingly comfortable and reliable as well, despite being a lot easier to fold and to carry, this bike provides one of the most effective performances when it comes to folding bikes.

Thanks to its aluminum construction, you can be assured it will help you have an amazing experience riding it, and when it comes to folding it – there’s no option easier than this. It weighs only 21.5 lbs, making it the lightest and most convenient of the list. And of course, it is entirely comfortable, especially in flat urban areas.

  • Excellent Performance
  • Amazing Light Construction
  • Easy to Fold and Reliable
  • Not Recommended for Tricky Trails

Columba 2kSilver Blue

  • 190 parent reviews (4.3 out of 5)
  • Max weight: 200 lbs, 5’3″- 6’0″ tall
  • Size: 38 x 14 x 29 in (fold)
  • Item weight: 34 lbs
  • Contain: 26″ wheel, 18-speed Shimano Gears

With 26-inch wheels, an 18-speed dial, and Kenda tires for superb strength, the Columba 2kSilver is the nearer you will get to a traditional bike with a foldable option. This impressive design will let you enjoy excellent biking without having to worry about anything, as it is excellently strong and provides an outstanding performance thanks to its 18-speed option.

It weighs only 33 lbs but is one of the largest and biggest on the list. This makes it outstandingly well-made and effective for its purpose. And of course, it can be used by anyone from 5 to 6.5 feet without problems. The bike is also incredibly comfortable.

  • Much More Reliable than Most
  • Extremely Well-Made
  • Large and Comfortable
  • Big Wheels to Pack Up

Schwinn Loop

  • 2,338 parent reviews (4.3 out of 5)
  • Max weight: 220 lbs, 4’8″ – 6’2″ tall, 13+ year old
  • Size: 30.5 x 27.8 x 17.5 in (fold)
  • Item weight: 34 lbs
  • Contain: 20″ wheel, 7-speed Shimano Gears
  • Li-ion battery

The Schwinn Loop bike offers an amazing performance that will take your everywhere you want, while being totally reliable, strong, and comfortable all at the same time.

The bike, is also pretty light with only 34lbs. And of course, it is outstandingly comfortable despite its singular design.

  • Easy to Use
  • Reliable Performance
  • Looks Good
  • Not too perfect assemble

Schwinn Loop

Not only does the Schwinn Loop looks amazing, but it also provides a performance no other folding bike can offer. It is totally reliable and strong, comes with a 7-speed drivetrain to get over hills and elevated trails more easily and even comes with its own carry bag for superior convenience.

The bike is easy to fold in and out without problems and weighs just 30 lbs for a lightweight construction made of aluminum mainly. What’s more, its 20-inches size makes it excellent for almost everyone from 5 to 6 feet to ride. And of course, it is outstandingly comfortable as well.

  • Looks Amazing
  • Much More Reliable than Most
  • Comfortable and Easy to Use
  • Smaller Than Expected

Taking a look at the many options you have is not enough to find out which choice is the right one for you. That’s why you should learn everything related to folding bikes so you can take your pick more according to your needs and desires. Here are a few additional features you should consider:


The size of the bike matters heavily in how comfortable and reliable you want the bike to be for you. When you choose a large and big foldable bike, it is very likely the bike will be a lot more comfortable to use, entirely reliable and strong, but also likely to be pretty heavy. When the bike is small, it may be the other way around; slightly uncomfortable less strong, but a lot lighter. However, it all comes down to what fits with your size, weight, and intended use. Stronger bikes work better in demanding scenarios, while the lightest ones work better in urban and flat streets.


The performance of a bike comes directly to how smooth and easy to pedal it is. The bikes with easier performance are those who offer at least 20-inches in the wheels. These wheels, for being larger, tend to travel more space with each pedal cycle. This means that the larger the wheels, the more performance-oriented it will be. However, it also comes down to the number of speeds the bike has. Some Shimano speed-dials offer up to 20 speeds and even more, these bikes are often much more performance-efficient and provide excellent uses for different types of terrain. Go for something that fits your needs, but remember that 20-inches are often the most effective wheel-size for performance.


For folding bikes, you will find two types: traditional bikes and electric bikes. Traditional bikes are the ones that need pedaling to function and go forward, while the electric ones use a motor or engine. For traditional bikes, there’s nothing more important than making sure the pedals are not stiff and that you can pedal comfortably. The electric ones, in contrast, you need to make sure how many watts it offers, how many hours it can go, and if it provides the chance of using it with pedals in case the charge drains out. With this, make sure the bike comes with at least 240w and offers up to 4 hours of constant use. And of course, making sure it has pedals to use when needed is also essential.


There’s nothing more important for a foldable bike than how much it weighs when folded. If a bike weighs more than 35 lbs, it is bulky for traveling. However, most foldable bikes don’t go over this weight and usually are pretty easy to carry and comfortable. Those bikes that are 25lbs or less tend to be less reliable and robust as the heavier ones – yet they work better for large trips and small people. Choose accordingly.

Don’t hesitate in making your choice following your needs. This will help you not only to find a more suitable option according to your intended use but also find the one that fits you comfortably and efficiently.

Use our advice to pick the perfect foldable bike for your kids of for wherever you are going on a trip. It will help you experience places in a healthy and pretty beautiful way.

Allow yourself to enjoy each place you visit while biking. Use a foldable bike, and you won’t have to feel uncomfortable when traveling.  The following options are excellent!

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Excellent Choice !

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Outdoor Activity
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