10 Best Teething Toys 2022

10 Best Teething Toys 2022
9.5 Total Score

Feel like your baby needs something to develop teeth faster? Maybe a teething toy is what you are looking for…

A teething toy not only helps babies develop their teeth faster, but also helps to distract them and even become their most favorite object – which could be pretty handy in stressful situations when you just need a way to sooth the baby up. In addition, they’re safe and can last for years if they are used correctly, even when the baby starts developing their teeth entirely. However, not all teething toys are the same, so you must choose carefully if you want your baby to love it.

Thanks to a comprehensive research on these toys, we found some of the most interesting, cute, and useful teething devices for babies. Take a peek and find the one you think is best for your child…

10 Teething Toys Review 2022


Dr. Brown’s Coolees

Designed by professionals, the Dr. Brown’s Cooles is one of the most soothing teethers available in the market, both for its incredible texture as well for how long-lasting it is. It will simply help to ease pain and make teething a lot more comfortable. And what’s even better, it feels amazing because it always stays cold.

It is shaped to be much more efficient, as it can reach almost all mouth’s areas of a baby. It can be used by babies as young as three months old without problems. And of course, it is pretty affordable, maybe the cheapest on the list.

  • Excellent Price
  • Amazing Quality
  • Really Soothing and Long-Lasting
  • A Little Harder than Others

RaZbaby RaZ-Berry

Silicone Teethers are always amazing. The RaZBaby RaZ-Berry is not an exception, as it looks exactly like a sucker but works more like a teether, working as both at the same time if needed. It offers an amazing performance thanks to its soft yet flexible material. And what’s even better, it is a lot easier to grab and to use by babies.

It is mainly designed to work on babies’ gums, thanks to its silicone construction which is supposed to increase their teething and make it faster. Of course, it also helps to soothe and distract toddlers as well, so you can use it in many ways when needed.

  • Undisputable Price
  • Excellent Quality Material
  • Easier to Use and More Convenient
  • Not as Long-Lasting as Expected

Nuby Ice Gel Keys

Keys are some of the most recommended options for teether toys. The Nuby’s Gel Keys are simply amazing when it comes to distracting babies and helping them develop their teeth more efficiently. They are actually outstandingly entertaining, as they come in various colors and are much more interactive than many other teething toys.

The material is totally soft and works excellently on the infant’s gums. It is pretty easy to grab as well and can be used for babies from 3 months onwards. What’s even better, the toy is large and totally comfortable to use.

  • Really Interactive
  • Excellent Texture and Design
  • Entirely Comfortable and Easy to Use
  • A Little Bigger Design Than Most

Lil’ Teethers Silicone Raccoon

Lil’Teethers is one of the most famous and recommended brands in the market, especially thanks to their Silicone animals such as the Raccoon. This one, made with the softest and most delicate silicone offers amazing performance and feeling on the kids’ gums while being totally safe and easy to use.

The most exciting feature of this option is that it looks pretty cute and engaging, so it works both as a toy to gum on and as a perfect toy to pacify or entertain your baby at any time. It can be attached to a baby’s clothes or wherever it can thank to its design. What’s more, it efficiently helps to develop both front, back, low, and upper teeth.

  • Excellent Design
  • Much More Effective
  • Helps to Develop and Pacify
  • Material Feels too Soft

Comotomo Silicone Orange

One of the most interesting designs on the list, the Comotomo Silicone Teether in Orange is maybe the one you will find a little different than most. It is totally hygienic-oriented, and totally easy to clean while offering a sort-of weird-looking ring with legs.

The design, however, goes excellently with the materials, as it is made of soft silicone which is easy on the babies’ gums but also pretty comfortable and reliable when grabbing. You will merely increase the teething experience of your baby with one of these – in a safe and much more effective way.

  • Really Interesting Design
  • Effective and Easy to Use
  • Outstanding Silicone Material
  • Not as Interactive or Engaging as Others

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory

Makes sounds and feels fantastic in the hands and mouth, the Manhattan Toy Rattle and Sensory Winkel teething toy is just what every baby would love to have if they were able to talk. It is entirely safe, incredibly entertaining, and much more efficient in pacifying kids when needed.

The device can be grabbed easily and doesn’t need to be attached to anything as it is big enough to be really hard to lose. It is also easy to use and will last a lifetime despite its interesting design and features.

  • Outstanding Design and Features
  • Excellent for Pacifying and Entertaining
  • Effective on Developing Teeth
  • Harder to Bite than Others

Baby Banana Training Toothbrush

Banana is always an interesting choice for kid’s toys, both because it resembles one of the yummiest fruits in the world and because it becomes an instant pacifier thanks to its design. It is totally baby-friendly both on its ease of use and outstanding performance as a teething toy – as it helps to develop faster and doesn’t damage kids’ gum in any way.

What’s even better, the teething toy resembles a toothbrush as well, so it works as the perfect practice and training choice for those parents who want their babies to start learning how to brush their teeth even from a young age. It is made of silicone, and it is safer and much more efficient than most teethers and toothbrushes.

  • Undisputable ToothBrush and Banana Design
  • Excellent Performance in Teething
  • Much More Engaging than Most
  • A Little Hard to Grab

Safety 1st Mombella Ellie Elephant

As Its brand name says, the Safety 1st Mombella Ellie Elephant teething toy is one of the safest and most development-efficient in the market. It is designed to provide superior performance on helping to develop babies’ teeth while also being outstandingly soft and interesting for kids.

Its design is not the most engaging, but certainly feels amazing thanks to its material. It is totally safe as well and even easier to use and wash when needed. Any kid will only love it as it is effortless to grab and stimulates better than most.

  • Excellent Quality Material
  • Amazing Design and Effectiveness
  • Easy to Grab and Use
  • A Little Hard Material

BEBE Cookie Gum Massagers

These pack of two cookies teething toys is made by BEBE, one of the most recommended brands when it comes to developmental devices such as a teething toy. This one, thanks to its soft and hard options, makes an excellent choice for those who want more versatility for their babies.

It is especially well made because it offers great choices, yet it delivers an amazing performance when it comes to improving kid’s teething and making them feel more engaged and entertained. What’s more, it is outstandingly safe, easy, and comfortable to use for infants.

  • Much More Convenient Choice
  • Outstanding Design
  • Soothing, Entertaining and Effective for Development
  • A Little More Expensive than Most

Bonbino Colorful Rings

Teether toys can also be rings that can be used as teething toys, bracelets, and much more. They offer one of the most reliable teething experiences for babies while being outstandingly efficient and pretty entertaining as well. The rings come in a pack of 4 with various colors and made of excellent quality silicone both in texture and in hardness.

These rings are pain relievers, promote better development and help to be easier when grabbing and comfortable when using. The design is totally engaging despite being simple, and the construction is safe.

  • Amazing Material Quality
  • Convenient and Versatile Design
  • Excellent Soothing Efficiency
  • Not as Engaging as Others

Eager to start seeing your baby develop their teeth? Then you need the perfect teething toy. And to pick the perfect one for your infant you will have to consider a few essential features that make a teether a good one or not. Here are a few of the most important characteristics you should take into consideration:


Almost all, if not every one of the most recommended teething toys, is made of silicone for sure. Silicone is maybe the only plastic material that resists constant chewing and gumming from babies, while also offering a safer performance and an easy-to-clean texture. What’s even more important, it should be soft and easy to chew on, but the softer it is, the less durable it will also be. So, you must always go for something that is not too soft to be cheap but not too hard to be comfortable and easy in the baby’s mouth. And of course, if it is flexible it is a plus so that it can increase its performance.


You will find thousands of designs out there, from animals to simple rings and even interesting options like boxes, balls, and more. Some of these design resemble fruits and other fruits; these are pretty useful as they help babies to get along with what they may eat in a few months or later in life. The same happens with designs that resemble suckers or candies, which most likely the baby will eat or use a few months later. However, it is critical for the model to be engaging and entertaining for the baby, the more the baby feels drawn to it, the more likely it will be effective in pacifying and making your infant happy.

Teeth Level

There are types of teething toys that work better with a specific teeth level on babies. Some of these are better for infants with no teeth at all and only gums, while others work better for those who already have a few of those bony pieces getting out of their gum. It all comes down to the hardness of the material and the design of the toy, but at the end, the difference is not that much really.

A few additional tips never harm anybody, so here you have importance advice to consider:

  • Most teething toys are colorful. This way you can ensure your baby feels more engaged and entertained by its design. Unicolor designs or those that are transparent tend to be less appealing to babies, so make your choice accordingly.
  • Most babies like teething toys that also make sounds or can be used as real toys like animals and such. Not only it is more entertaining for them but also much more stimulating and helpful to their imagination.
  • Always consider the safety measures these products comply with. Make sure they comply with at least one recognized organization from around the world, this way you will assure yourself you’re buying a safe and reliable product.

Make your baby grow those teeth faster and without any pain with the right teething toy. It’s your chance to start getting your baby to feel what development and growing up is like, so try to make it as easy and comfortable as possible with one of these – but always considering our advice and recommendations.

Pick the perfect teething toy for your baby with our help – you will ensure a much better choice that your baby will love, and that will help him develop faster and more efficiently. This is your first chance to help your baby grow better – don’t waste it!

Start getting your child an impressive gift from early in his life with one of these teething toys that help not only to entertain but to improve their teeth development. Choose one now!

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