10 Best Pokemon Card Ever 2024

10 Best Pokemon Card Ever 2024
9.5 Total Score

Have a kid who’s a hardcore fan of Pokemon? You won’t believe how excited he can be when you give him one of the following Pokemon cards…

The anime Pokémon was so famous more than 20 years ago that even today it has a great number of fans around the world, from adults to kids, and it is still airing in some countries while also having an incredible set of video games anyone can play. Apart from this, the anime also offers a fantastic card game where you can play with the creatures you like the most, resembling the original battles from the animation. Yet, there are tons of cards out there to choose, and if you want to pick the perfect one for your kid – you may need to know more.

As we know not every parent is well-versed on the stuff their kids like, we’ve made a list with some of the most valuable and exciting cards from this game. Take a peek and choose the one you think will make your child happier…

10 Pokemon Card Ever Review 2024


Mega-Rayquaza-EX – XY Roaring Skies – Holo

A Holo Rare card from the XY Roaring Skies saga, the Mega-Rayquaza is one of the most potent and interesting cards to have on any Pokemon card deck. With its Dragon Ascent attack which delivers 300 damage and an incredible HP of 230, this card will easily become one of the strongest if not the most powerful on any battlefield.

It is Dragon type, so it becomes really useful on any deck. However, it is in the Mega state so it needs other cards to get to this evolution first, yet it will help anyone to win the battle maybe instantly. It has a retreat cost of 2 and its only weaknesses are Fairy types.

  • Incredibly Powerful and Resistant
  • Awesome Dragon Type
  • Really Rare
  • Demands Two Previous Evolutions

Dragonite – XY Roaring Skies – Holo

Another Holo Rare card from the XY Roaring Skies saga, Dragonite is one of the most famous and strongest Dragon-types on the game, and because it doesn’t demand any evolution, you will be able to play it instantly without problems. It is in its Stage 2 and comes with 160 HP and the Heavy Impact Attack which delivers 150 of damage.

The card was designed by hatachu and looks incredibly good, so any kid or fan of the game will love it instantly. It has a retreat cost of 4, so it costs a little more than others, but delivers a pretty useful and versatile deck performance.

  • One of the Most Famous Dragon Type
  • Powerful and Useful
  • Looks Really Good
  • Not as Rare as Others

Mega Sceptile EX – XY Ancient Origins – Holo

A Grass-type card always comes very handily for any deck, and when it is a card as powerful as the Mega-Sceptile-EX, there’s no doubt it may even become essential. With a Holo Rare rarity, this Ancient Origins card offers a superb attack that deals 100 Damage without problems, while also having 220 HP, one of the hardest cards to beat.

It has a Retreat cost of 2, yet it can easily be played and become critical to tell how a match will end, or to change the course of one eventually. It was designed by 5ban Graphics, and looks awesomely good, so it becomes not only strong to have on any deck but incredibly good-looking.

  • One of the Strongest Grass Types
  • Looks Awesome
  • Extremely Rare Card
  • Needs At Least 2 Other Evolutions

Gyarados – Ancient Origins – Holo

Gyarados is one of the most wanted cards in the whole game, and not only because it is powerful but because it can be played at any time thanks to its Stage 1 ability. From the Ancient Origins set, this Water card can be used practically whenever you need to, and it offers 130 HP and with its two abilities, the Full Retaliation that does 30 damage with each Magikarp the player has, and the Thrash ability which does 130 damage when used correctly.

Despite being one of the most wanted, it is superbly rare, with a Holo Rare classification. It looks really good too, designed by TOKIYA, so it not only becomes a great addition to any deck but a really good-looking card to have.

  • One of the Most Wanted Cards
  • Incredibly Useful and Strong
  • Can Be Used at Any Time
  • Not as Powerful as Others

Tyranitar – XY Fates Collide – Holo

From the set XY Fates Collide, Tyranitar is easily the most interesting Darkness type card in the whole game. With Holo Rare classification, you will find this card incredibly good to have on your kid’s deck, both for collection or for playing.

It was designed by Satoshi Shirai, so it looks incredibly good and delivers an awesome Stage 2 set of abilities and attacks anyone will love. From the Raging Roar that adds an Energy card when played, to its Dark Mountain attack which delivers 150 damage or even more when one or two support cards are discarded, you will get a strong yet incredibly resistant 160 HP card. Its weakness is Fighting, yet it is more effective against Psychic types.

  • Awesomely Strong and Resistant
  • Great Set of Abilities and Attack
  • One of the Most Recommended Darkness Type
  • A Little Harder to Play

Mega-Tyranitar-EX – Ancient Origins – Holo

Tyranitar is an awesome card to have, yet the Mega-Tyranitar-EX is even better, both because it is a lot more powerful than its Stage 2, and because it looks outstandingly well. It comes from the Ancient Origins set and provides a Holo Rare rarity, so it is actually one of the rarest on the game which only a few people have.

It can mean an instant win when played, or an incredible card to have in a collection. This card is a Darkness-type so it is pretty useful against Psychic types, yet a lot weaker against Fighting cards. The card delivers a 240 HP so it is a lot more resistant, and it comes with an excellent attack that does 110 damage plus 60 for each damage counter on the opponents’ active cards.

  • Much More Powerful Than Others
  • Incredibly Rare
  • Outstanding Attack Ability
  • Too Hard to Play Efficiently

Charizard GX – 20/147 – Ultra Rare

Charizard GX may easily be the most famous Pokémon on the whole anime alongside Pikachu, and in the game it is also one of the strongest without a doubt. As a Crimson Storm card, Charizard GX delivers 300 damage with its attack and three fire energy cost ability, with 1 HKO any Pokemon, so it becomes awesomely effective when used.

As a collective, it is extremely rare as well, with a Ultra Rare classification, having this card in a collection means a lot. It comes from the GX set, it looks amazingly well. When played, it is more effective against Fighting types yet fragile against Water-types, and it comes with 250 HP so it can resist a lot of damage.

  • An Incredibly Famous Card to Have
  • One of the Most Powerful Out There
  • Both a Great Collective or Deck Card to Have
  • Not the Original Print

Flying Pikachu – XY Evolutions – Secret

Secret Rare cards like the Flying Pikachu are not precisely one of the most useful when playing the card game, but they can easily become an instant exciting card to have on your collection as it is simply one of the rarest you can have. Pikachu is a Lightning card, so it is more potent against the Fighting-types and doesn’t have a significant weakness.

It comes with 40 HP and delivers two attacks, the Thunder Shock which can paralyze your opponent’s Pokémon or the Fly attack which can provide 30 damage points. It was designed by Toshinao Aoki for the XY Evolutions set, and will quickly become a favorite card for those who like these types of additions.

  • A Secret Rare Card for Collection
  • Funny and Interesting
  • Classic Design
  • Not Recommended to Play With

Mega-Charizard-EX – XY Evolutions – Holo

If you think Charizard is one of the most powerful, you will find the Mega Charizard outstanding in every way. This card from the XY Evolutions with a Full Art Ultra Rare classification is easily one of the strongest and rarest cards at the same time, a card only a few people can use when playing, and a card not many people have in their collection.

As it is a Fire Type, it is highly effective against Fighting-types yet weak against Water. With its Mega stage the user will become the most decent opponent on the battlefield instantly, and with its impressive ability Crimson Dive that does 300 damage, any battle will be almost immediately won.

  • Great for Collection or Playing
  • Strongest Fire Type Card
  • Looks Awesome in Every Way
  • A Little Expensive

Ancient Mew – Pokemon Promos

If you or your kid is a collector, maybe a card for battles are not what you’re after. If this is your case, the Ancient Mew from the Pokemon Promos set will be the perfect card for you, without any doubt.

This Ancient-looking card with an unbeatable design is supposed to have 30 HP and unlimited damage attack. However, it is not recommended to use for battling but as a collection, as it is beautiful and unique in every way. It is a Psychic-type, and with a Promotional Rarity, there’s almost no other card like it to have on a collection.

  • Superb Unique Design
  • Rare and Beautiful
  • Excellent Collection Card
  • Not Recommended for Playing

If you are thinking of buying a Pokémon card to your kid and you don’t know anything about them, don’t go rushing into picking the one you think it’s best – first make sure you choose the one that fits your kid’s needs and desires. To help you make a better choice, here you have a few tips to consider:


Pokémon have 18 categories you can choose from, like the Psychic and Ghost types to Fire, Water, and Grass-types, there are various types of elements and abilities each of these types can offer. The strongest ones in the game are the Fire, the Psychic, the Electric and the Dragon-types. However, Darkness, Water, and Ghost-types can also offer pretty strong cards to choose. But you will actually have to look for the right type if you want to make the perfect gift, remembering that all types have their strengths and weaknesses.

Attack and Defense

All cards come with two measurements, their Attacks, and their Health. The attacks always deal some damage, and they are the strength and power every card can deliver when used against an opponent. The defense is the Health or HP every Pokémon card has, and it will tell how much damage the card can take when playing. This can matter a lot to know how powerful and resistant a card can be.


Most cards have abilities, especially when they are rare cards. These skills can do practically anything, and when it comes to playing, they can become permanently useful in a battle. There are abilities to deal more damage than average, others to cancel attacks, or even to immediately destroy opponent cards and so on.

As we know choosing these cards for your kid can be a real challenge, here are other tips you may consider:

  • Every card has a Stage, from Basic to Stage 1 up to the Mega stage in the biggest and most powerful evolution of each Pokémon. The most significant stages are harder to find as they are a lot stronger, to the point of being the rarest on the game.
  • All cards have a rarity classification. It can be Common for regular cards, Uncommon for less common cards, Holo Rare for those which are rarer than the previous ones, Ultra Rare for those that are very rare and Secret Rare for those cards which only a few people know.

The right card for your child may be the one you think the least about, so don’t rush when buying and make sure you pick the perfect one. Just make sure you learn everything you can about these cards and make your choice accordingly so you can get a card your kid will love.

It’s time now to pick the most interesting Pokémon card for your kid, so don’t lose any other second and take your pick so your child can have the most incredible deck or collection out there!

If your child is a Pokémon fan, one of the following cards will be a great gift without any doubt. Check them out and make sure you select the one he will appreciate the most!

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